What is the TATOC Code of Conduct?

The TATOC Timeshare Code of Conduct has been developed to provide a formal structure for partnerships between TATOC (on behalf of timeshare owners) and reputable companies operating in the timeshare arena.  The Code of Conduct incorporates detailed Codes of Practice for specific areas of the timeshare experience.

Commitment to the Code is now an essential precursor for any company to be recognised by TATOC or before it can be considered for affiliation or accreditation.  It is also a necessary requirement before any company is allowed to place advertising material in any TATOC publication. Commitment to the Code will be through a formal agreement signed by both parties, and will demonstrate an enthusiastic adoption of the values it promotes.

The reputation of timeshare has suffered badly from poor historic practices and the actions of disreputable and fraudulent companies preying on timeshare consumers.  Nothing is more important to consumers than to be able to identify a reputable company from the ‘scam merchants’.  Nothing can now be more important for timeshare companies that have taken every possible step to put consumers at the forefront of their products and services than to be able to demonstrate this to their existing and potential customers.

These factors are at the heart of the TATOC Code of Conduct.  The Code is a realisation of the TATOC mission “to protect and enhance the timeshare holiday experience for users, and to be the voice of owners”.  It is an extension of our Mission into a commitment by TATOC, our members, our accredited companies and our affiliated companies to the highest standards of business ethics, principles and practices.  It is a commitment to the highest standards of products and services – correctly sold, well managed and well maintained, with the consumer as the principle focus.  Commitment to the Code creates a partnership between timeshare businesses and consumers that will help secure a strong and healthy future for everyone involved in timeshare.

We believe there is no more powerful recommendation and positive marketing message for a timeshare company than to proudly boast a partnership with, and a commitment to the Code of Conduct of, Europe’s largest consumer association for timeshare owners.  It is our passionate hope that high-quality consumer-focused timeshare companies and suppliers will recognise both the commercial and the consumer benefits achievable through a commitment to the Code, and grasp this opportunity to demonstrate their consumer-driven credentials.

The Code is the first of its kind in Europe and breaks new ground in forming meaningful partnerships between timeshare suppliers and recognised consumer representatives.  In an industry fighting against a poor historic image and reputation consumers are looking for some trustworthy credentials for a company in which they can place their trust.  A partnership with TATOC through this Code is precisely those credentials.

Timeshare owners, current and future, will benefit from stronger links between timeshare companies and TATOC.  Affiliation to and accreditation by TATOC are powerful commercial assets that companies will value and protect, and this will strengthen TATOC’s influence with individual companies, and throughout the industry, for the benefit of owners.  

The full Code of Conduct and the Codes of Practice currently published are on the TATOC website.  Additional Codes of Practice will be added wherever a need is identified.  TATOC is currently seeking official recognition of the Codes by the Office of Fair Trading and other government agencies.

The new European Directive (2008/122/EC) and UK Regulations (2010 No 2960) that came into force on 23 February 2011 provide for professional bodies and other associations to establish codes of conduct and behavior. Timeshare companies are required to include in their marketing material information about which of these recognised codes they have committed to, or to indicate where they have not signed up to operate to any code.  

The TATOC Code is an opportunity for reputable companies to demonstrate the high quality of their business ethics and practices, and their consumer-focused products and services.  It is an opportunity, for consumers to have good confidence in a company that has made a commitment to the TATOC Timeshare Code of Conduct.

Download the TATOC Code of Conduct here: TATOC Code of Conduct

Download the TATOC Code of Practice for re-sale companies here: TATOC Code of Conduct re-sale companies

Download the TATOC Code of Practice for resort committees: TATOC Code of Practice for resort committees

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