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Thank you for sending the information requested. It is a relief to speak to someone about timeshare who is not trying to defraud us. We receive a couple of calls a week, so your advice is valuable.

Pam and David Piercy, March 2011


A few months ago you helped me out with a problem I was having with a company.
I think it is safe to say that it had a happy ending.  I went through the credit card company with whom the payments had been made.  They dealt with each payment separately as each payment had different contractual errors.  The money has been refunded and the 35 day waiting period has passed.

Margaret Lewis - June 2010


Thank you for the information.  It is very informative and useful. I was unsure on several matters, which your email has made clear. Thank you.

Julliett Facer - February 2010


Thank you for sending this information so promptly – it is most helpful and may well have saved my wife and I the loss of £800. Thank you again.
Peter Hooker - December 2009


Just thought i would drop you a line to let you know how we are going on. After speaking to you a few weeks ago when we received a final demand letter wanting us to pay the balance for the membership of their club, you adviced us to return it to sender along with a brief letter which we did. We then had an email saying it still wasn't clear as to what we wanted to do yet we made it very clear on a few occasions that we were not interested. We then asked them to repay us our £1.000 back that we had paid on our credit card or we were going to take it further along with a cancelation form as we wanted nothing more to do with them (we thought it was worth a try) and guess what !!!! At the weekend we recieved our original deeds for our club la costa membership back from them that we had handed over along with two letters that we signed to say we would join there club, we could not believe it. Do you think this could be the end of our nightmare? We have had no more phone calls or emails YET!!! The credit card company have temporarily removed the £1000 from our card while they investigate so hopefully we will get that back to.We would just like to say a very VERY BIG THANK YOU TO YOU for helping us out of a terrible situation we got ourselves into and have learnt a very hard lesson. I don't know what we would of done without your help or who we could of trusted to speak to regarding this but you were so professional and put our minds at rest as soon as we spoke to you. You gave us such fantastic advice and we followed it all the way and thanks to you this is why we are at this point today.You were so polite and calm when i rang up in such a state and even after many phone calls to yourself you were always very understanding and knew what our next was.So Mark thankyou once again for your professionalism in this matter. JUST HOPE THAT THIS IS THE END.

Mr and Mrs Cage - April 2010


You may remember our contacting you last year over a number of scams and disputes.I am happy to advise you that every one has been resolved satisfactorily and our money has been refunded in full. It was helped by the fact that Petchey Leisure accepted our resignation from their scheme and cancelled any further maintenance charges. Thanks for your help.

David Hunt - March 2010


I would like to thank you for your help over the last few months.This matter is now over and we have won on all counts. The company returned my timeshare certificate, un-used as expected. The other company have cancelled the membership and so I am free of that. After months of letter writing and the BBC watch dog episode, which I helped with with my story, I have been refunded all money from the credit card company. Again thank you for your help. 

Stephen Vidgen - December 2010


Thank you very much indeed for talking to me yesterday and for forwarding the four excellent documents attached to your e-mail.We are greatly heartened to learn that after such a fiasco we still may at least be able to reclaim some money back from the credit card company. As you said, we may also be able to sell our timeshare now that we know about those reputable companies you told us about. Thank you again.

Alison Clegg - November 2009


Thank you very much for all the information you have sent me.I much appreciate it.Once again many thanks.

Arthur Walker - November 2009


Thank you very much for your quick reply and useful advice!

M. Magi - April 2009

Thank you for responding so quickly, and for the advice.

K. Goode - March 2009

Thank you very very much for your prompt reply to my enquiry concerning the above company. The information you gave me and attachments on selling timeshares and what to be aware of was extremely helpful and after reading it I think the outcome will be 'Don't touch them with a barge pole!'. Thank you again for the information you sent.

C. Jones - March 2009
Testimonials 2008


A short note to confirm that, following earlier discussions and your very helpful guidance and documentation, I received back from my credit card company the sum of £3,000 being the deposit paid.I did not pay the further £6,500 despite threats from them and also final request before court action.
After the return of my deposit from the credit card company (they agreed that the company gave misleading and incorrect information in order to make a sale), I emailed the company in Gibralter and asked for the return of all original signed documentation. This was received without any further contact this past week.
Matter now closed and many thanks for your help.

Stan Wilson - October 2010

Many thanks for your email. It was very reassuring to talk to someone that understands how these companies work and they scam people....

Once again many thanks for your help.

S. Draper - May 2008

Many thanks for your help. When I advised them I was contacting TATOC for advice that was the end of our communication with them!

G. Bailey - May 2008

Thank you for your advice ........ If Visa do not pay up for whatever reason then we will explore the legal avenue further.

M. Sienko - April 2008

Thanks for this response – it is helpful. I have decided not to proceed with the offer from this company.G. Pearce - April 2008

Many thanks for talking to me on the phone recently and for your e-mail and attachments regarding the resale of Timeshares.

F. Allen - May 2008

I just wanted to thank you for your help. I have just had my money returned by my credit card company. THANK YOU !!

Mrs Abbott - June 2008

Thank you for the prompt response. Your information is extremely helpful and I have passed it on to our owner. We have decided to insert a wee bit about cold calling and monies required up front in our Summer Newsletter.

Mandy Barnett. Auchrannie Country Club 14 Jun 2008

Thank you so munch for getting back to me so soon. I feel much relieved not to have committed to what is obviously a scam.

C. Peebles - August 2008

Many thanks for your informative email which has reinforced my own suspicion, especially in view of the price,about the offer that I have received. Obviously the sooner the legislation goes through the European Parliament the better.

D. Barclay - August 2008

Just to say a big thank you for being there and helping with all the information that you have sent to me. Obviously now we are reviewing all our options.. but thank you once again for being so informative.

D. Grossman - September 2008

Thank you for taking the trouble to send me such an informative E Mail. I'm just sorry we didn't know about TATOC twelve months ago. However, your information certainly saved us from making another expensive mistake.

M. Strawbridge - September 2008

Thank you for all this information which is really useful. The warning bells did ring when credit card details were asked for. I have downloaded all the attachments to read. Your help is very much appreciated.

J. Lunn - October 2008

Thank you so much for the Timeshare Guides you forwarded to me. They have been most helpful and have given me the opportunity to decide the action to be taken with the approach from *****.

G. Donaldson - October 2008

Many thanks for your prompt reply following our recent phone conversation. The enclosed guidelines were very informative and will certainly help me. in dealing with the many unsolicited phone calls I constantly receive.

T. Hepinstall - November 2008

It is so encouraging and comforting to get such a prompt and authentic response such as yours. Many thanks again.

J. Sutton - November 2008

Thank you very much for your reply and most helpful advice. Today I have been informed by my credit card company Halifax that they have credited my account for the disputed amount .

A. Kavanagh - November 2008

Firstly may I thank you very much for your help this morning, it is really appreciated........Thank you so much I wasn't expecting as much help as this! It is really appreciated.

N. Hall - November 2008

Thank you for contacting us and for your valuable information for which we are very grateful - and saved us much aggravation and disappointment.

T. Jones - December 2008

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